Historic Walking Tour

In 1851, Rock Hill was just a railway stop between Columbia and Charlotte. By 1929, a prosperous, progressive city had emerged, with tree-lined streets and beautiful family homes, thriving businesses and artisans, even its own Opera House and the South's best known women's college. But most fascinating were the people who lived here. Explore our town's proud past - a past shaped by Southerners who weren't afraid to grow and change, to imagine a new world for themselves.

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diamond Historic Information About Area
circle Approximate Location of Historic Site
parking Parking Lot Map not to scale, locations are approximate.
Historic Panels 1
Catawba Indian Nation 2
First ARP Church 3
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building 4
Cotton Trade 5
Train Depots (Historic Marker) 6
Cotton Factory 7
The Rock 8
Anderson Motor Co. 9
Friedheim Building 10
HH White Building 11
Peoples National Bank Building 12
Comporium Telephone Museum 13
McCrory's (Former Location) 14
City / Village of Rock Hill 15
City Hall (Former Location) 16
Black Street (Historic Marker) 17
City Hall (Current Day) 18
McCosh House 19
First Presbyterian Church 20
Andrew Jackson Hotel (Guardian Building) 21
First Baptist Church Building 22
McFadden Building 23
The Federal Building 24
The Citizens Building 25
Former Post Office / Library 26
Episcopal Church 27
St. John's United Methodist Church 28
East Town Neighborhood 29
The White Home 30
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Learn Rock Hill's history on foot. Approximately 1.25 mile walk.

Suggested Tour Options

1 Pick up brochure and mp3 player at The White Home or York County Visitors Center. Begin tour at the Historic Panels, site 1, located at East White Street and Elizabeth Lane or at any site along the tour. Follow tour route shown in brochure and select the corresponding site numbers on the mp3 player when you arrive at each site.
2 Pick up brochure at the Historic Panels located at East White Street and Elizabeth Lane. Follow tour route shown in brochure and use your personal cell phone to call the listed telephone numbers when you arrive at each site. Your cell phone carrier's standard rates apply.
If mp3 players are needed, groups of 10 or more should reserve units by contacting the York County Visitors Center at (888) 702-1320.

For more information on historic properties visit http://rootsandrecall.com/
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